Modification notes for:
Regent Model MS-35

(See bottom view, Figure 1)
Remove small Phillips screw, deep in 1/8" holes.

(See PCB drawing, Figure 2)
1) Remove three components:
R1, R2, C1 (large, red-brown, rectangular)

2) Remove Black wire, and reattach at {A}.

3) Add a new Red wire at terminal where Black lead used to be.
Thread new wire out through knuckle parts (will need to remove small screw holding knuckle together, temporarily).

4) Reassemble:
Slide PCB into housing, ensuring it slips between card guides.

Black - Power return.
White - Power high

Red & Red - Isolated output contacts:
240 VAC / 10 Amp
120 VAC / 20 Amp
24 VAC / 10 Amp

MS35 Figures